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Dear Friends and Family,

Today, as we commemorate two years since the passing of our beloved co-founder, Sarah Robinson Marvin, we take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary legacy she left behind—a legacy that continues to inspire and guide us at Empowered Services. Sarah’s vision in co-founding this organization was clear: to uplift, support, and enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her unwavering dedication and compassionate spirit touched many lives, far beyond the confines of our community.

Sarah was a beacon of hope and a source of strength for everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. She taught us the importance of looking beyond limitations and seeing the boundless potential in each person. Her commitment to empowering others was not just a mission; it was a deep-seated passion that drove every decision she made.

Her legacy is not just in the programs she helped establish or the policies she advocated for; it is in the smiles of those who found a new sense of independence, the gratitude of families who felt supported, and the community that was built on the foundation of empathy and respect which she laid. Sarah believed that everyone deserves a chance to shine, and she made it her life’s work to ensure that we provide that chance.

As we remember Sarah today, let us honor her memory by continuing to advance her dream of a compassionate and inclusive world. Let us carry forward her message of hope and empowerment, and let her vision continue to light our path.

Please join us in honoring her legacy. Share in the comments how Sarah has impacted and influenced your life on your Facebook page.


With deepest respect and remembrance,

The Empowered Services Team



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