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Empowered Services September Newsletter: A New Chapter Begins!

Hello to our Empowered Services Community,

As the crisp breezes of September beckon, signaling the enchantment of fall in Oregon, we pause to look back at a summer filled with accomplishments, smiles, and heartwarming tales. Wishing that this newsletter finds a special place beside your morning coffee or evening tea.


Reliving Summer: Moments to Cherish

Each summer day told a unique tale, stitched together by the camaraderie and love of our caregivers, providers, DSPs, and most of all, our remarkable IDD individuals. These narratives are our keepsakes, illuminating our path forward.


Upcoming Resources & Events: Fanning the Flames of Knowledge

As leaves change color, we are unveiling a series of events and resources tailored to nurture and guide our community. From enlightening seminars to heartfelt gatherings, there’s a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.


Easing the Journey: For Our Unsung Heroes

Every role in our community is vital. Being a caregiver, provider, or DSP for our IDD individuals is a journey of heart and spirit. This month, we are spotlighting strategies and tools to infuse fun and ease into your days. Because when you shine, we all glow brighter.


Your Call to Greater Heights

Our community thrives on the dedication and love you pour into it daily. This month, let’s pledge to go one step further. Be it by embracing a new resource, lending an ear to a colleague, or indulging in some well-deserved self-care, every action counts. And together, these actions build bridges to brighter futures.

To everyone who is the heartbeat of Empowered Services – your resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment are the pillars upon which our community stands tall. Here’s to the stories we’ll write together this September.

With warmth and gratitude,

Team Empowered Services


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