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May Newsletter: Celebrating Moms, Milestones, and Autism Awareness


Dear Empowered Services Family,

May is a month of celebration and reflection at Empowered Services, brimming with heartfelt occasions and important observances. As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, we embrace the warmth of spring and the spirit of gratitude for the incredible mothers and maternal figures in our community. Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture, guide, and inspire us every day!

Celebrating Five Years with Connie Barham

This May marks a significant milestone as we celebrate Connie Barham’s fifth anniversary with Empowered Services. Connie has been a cornerstone of our community from day one, contributing as a dedicated Direct Support Professional, an inventive newsletter editor, and a dynamic County Coordinator. Her relentless advocacy and deep compassion have not only shaped our services but have touched countless lives in our community. Join us in celebrating Connie’s five years of dedication and impact!

Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Continuing from April’s Autism Awareness Month, we remain committed to fostering awareness and acceptance of autism. This month, we’ll be sharing stories, resources, and insights that highlight the diverse experiences and achievements of individuals with autism. Let’s continue to learn from each other and promote an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Upcoming Events and Resources

Stay tuned for our upcoming events designed to connect, educate, and enrich our community. This month, we have scheduled workshops, social gatherings, and special activities that celebrate motherhood and family. Additionally, we’ll be providing resources that can help navigate caregiving, wellness, and developmental support for those with IDD.

Whether you are a mother, support a mother, or honor the memory of a mother, May is a time to recognize the love and labor that mothers around the world contribute to their families and communities. Let’s make this month a celebration of maternal warmth and wisdom.

Thank you for being a part of our Empowered Services family. We look forward to making this month as memorable and supportive as possible.

Warm regards,

Empowered Services Newsletter Team


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